Star2Star New Customer Partner Checklist

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Star2Star New Customer Partner Checklist

    Quote Approved



    StarNet Analyzer


    Portal Configuration - Basic Configuration

    Location Information

    Additional Location Information

    Primary DID

    Business Hours

    Maintenance Window

    After Hours Contact

    Additional Contacts

    Entered any additional contacts required

    Extensions (Steps will be repeated for all new users)

    Added new User NameEntered Extension #Entered Extension Name (First Last)Set if Voicemail Box EnabledSelected Phone Model for userSelected Outgoing CallerID for Lines 1 - 4Selected Remote ExtensionSelected Expansion Modules (if needed)

    Set Calling Options (Repeat for all new users. For internal only calling, uncheck all calling option boxes in portal)

    Allow Intracompany CallsAllow Local CallsAllow Long Distance CallsAllow International Rate CallsAllow Toll Free CallsAllow 411 CallsHide Extension from Company DirectoryHide ExtensionEnable Call Accounting CodesAdd Call Accounting Codes

    Analog Backup/Operator

    Analog Backup

    Selected Inbound Analog call Routing

    Analog Devices

    Selected Device 1 from pulldownEntered Analog Backup Number 1Selected Device 2 from pulldown (normally not required)


    Selected Operator Location from Pulldown


    Entered / Created / Updated Ring Groups & Failover ProcessEntered / Created Queues (Hunt Groups) & Failover ProcessEntered / Created RecordingsAdded New Dial External NumbersAdded Page GroupsAdded Voicemail GroupsAdded Conference Rooms

    Auto Attendants

    Entered / Created Auto AttendantsConfigured Auto Attendant Dial OptionsRecorded / Uploaded Auto Attendant RecordingsSelected Auto Attendant Failover Options

    On-Hold Options

    Uploaded Music for On-HoldSelected Playlist options

    Call Park Timeout

    Entered Call Park Timeout (used for Hold also)

    Custom Devices

    Entered Name & Description of Custom Devices

    Multi-Extension Devices

    Selected devices from pulldownEntered Name & MAC of Custom Multi-Extension Devices

    Portal Configuration - StarCenter Configuration

    StarCenter Manager

    Agents (For each agent)

    Added Agent IDAdded Agent PINEntered Agent First NameEntered Agent Last NameSet whether to Allow Individual Queue Login (Y/N)Set whether to Auto-Answer All StarCenter Calls (Y/N)Added Select Skills and Level (if necessary)


    Added new Skill nameEdited Skill to configure


    Added new Alerts from pulldown & Selected Options

    Customer Options:

    Set Daylight Savings Time (Y/N)?Set Agent Login Call Delivery PauseAre you using Reason Codes (Y/N)?

    Added Reason Codes (Code, Name, Type)

    Location Options:

    Multi-Queue Monitor:

    Using the pulldown, Added Queue(s) to monitor and clicked Save Current Group


    Incoming Call Routing:

    Day before port - Assigned Porting DIDs to specific locationOnce ported, tested call routing

    On-Site Training:

    Reviewed Extension ListingConducted Phone TrainingWorked specifically with the Receptionist – Transferring, Forward, VM etc.Reviewed Incoming Call RoutingReviewed Ring GroupsReviewed Queue GroupsReviewed StarCenter Agents / Queues (where applicable)Had Admin Launch StarView (where applicable)Had Admin download & Install Application Framework (where applicable)Worked with Customer Admin for 1 week to finalize changes

    Follow-Up with Customer

    Followed up with customer after 1 week to review all configurationsFollowed up with customer after 30 days again to review configurations