Your Partners for K-12 Education

Technology is a bigger part of education than ever before. As schools strive to integrate technology into the classroom, they need to be provided with specialized solutions to achieve their goals. As an E-Rate Service Provider, Image Solutions specializes in providing schools with solutions to facilitate their day-to-day operations and help them focus on improving learning.

Managed Print Services

Managing a school or school district printer fleet in-house can be very expensive. They have to keep up with toner supply, hardware maintenance, and hardware purchasing. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else could manage this instead?

Image Solutions is able to assess your printing requirements in detail to drive down printing costs dramatically. By allowing for a Print Environment Assessment with Image Solutions, we can rightsize your fleet to save you money and decrease teachers’ time outside of the classroom.

We also specialize in implementing intentional and responsible printing in schools. Can your school tell who is printing what, and how much they’re printing at a time? We provide specialized software solutions that allow you to track your users’ prints and potentially implement print policies to enforce smarter usage. We also provide secure print release, so your teachers and administrators only have their documents print once they’re confirmed at the printer or MFP. This helps cut back on costs by preventing duplicate or orphaned print jobs.

Our team is experienced in working with education environments to drive down their printing costs. We understand that the needs of education can be different than the needs of businesses, so we provide cost-effective, resource-efficient solutions specifically designed to benefit schools.  Click here to learn more about our Managed Print Services.

Classroom Technology

We understand that students learn collaboratively. With schools increasingly pushing to include technology into the classroom, Image Solutions provides holistic classroom technology solutions that enhance the classroom experience.

We specialize in supporting schools’ one-to-one and BYOD initiatives. Our classroom technology solutions include seamless integration of technology between teachers and students. If a teacher wants to hand out material, rather than printing off copies for every student, we provide platforms to instantly send out files to students’ devices. Our classroom technology solutions maximize teacher time in the classroom and help schools reduce their paper usage.

We also provide best-in-class Interactive Displays to enhance your teachers’ lessons. Our multi-touch, high-resolution Interactive Displays make annotations and drawings both beautiful and simple. Our displays also include native connectivity support for tablets and mobile devices to provide a truly connective classroom experience. We also provide a software suite designed to help you create interactive presentations and fully utilize the display’s potential. Click here to learn more about our Interactive Displays.

Hybrid VOIP Phone Solutions

Communication both inside and outside of the building is critical to the day-to-day operations of a school. Schools need reliable solutions to minimize any potential loss of communication. That’s why we’ve gone with the Hybrid VOIP route.

With normal VOIP phone service, if your Internet connection drops, you have no way to call inside or outside of the building. With Hybrid VOIP, that’s not the case. Even if your Internet connection goes out, you can still call anybody inside the building. We also offer cellular data failover so you can still call outside the building to keep communication open with parents and others.

Nobody wants a phone system that they have no clue how to use. We provide intuitive phone solutions that make for a painless transition that allows every member of your faculty to get on board. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve sacrificed features for ease of use. Our phone solutions include simple extension management, auto-attendant, find-me/follow-me, voicemail to email, extension groups, and more. Our phone system is both intuitive and feature-rich so we can improve your school’s operations as much as possible.

Surveillance & PA

We recognize that physical security is just as important to actively monitor as digital security. Schools want to be able to determine what’s going on both inside and outside of the building during school hours for the safety of its students and faculty. If an incident occurs, administration needs to be able to determine what happened and how best to prevent it in the future.

Our video surveillance solution integrates seamlessly into your existing network infrastructure without interfering with your current devices. Our network video recorders come with a range of features such as intelligent recording to get the most out of their storage, and scalability to connect to additional cameras should new areas need to be covered. They also are capable of handling schools with multiple locations. Whether you’re a multiple-building or multiple-site school, we can create a virtual campus to integrate cameras from all locations for ease of access.

We also offer IP-based intercoms and classroom paging systems to enhance the way you communicate throughout the building. Our intercom solution leverages your existing internal network to avoid costly cable runs and simplify maintenance. As a computer-based solution, instead of being locked down to dialing into individual rooms from the front office phone, you have greater flexibility and control over how and where you communicate.

The Image Solutions team offers its unique of expertise in the field of education to provide schools with customized Managed Print, Managed IT, and Unified Communications services.

Please contact us to discuss how Image Solutions can help improve your school’s technology environment.