Productivity Solutions

Productivity Solutions

Make your devices work smarter and harder

We understand that you have lots and lots of documents. We can help them flow more smoothly in and out of your system with software applications that make your copiers and printers work double duty—and save money in the process. Because the harder your copiers and printers work, the easier it is for you to enter, send, retrieve and manage your business files.

Capture & Distribution

Everyone wants to improve their digital workflow, but the price tag that comes with Capture & Distribution solutions is usually a problem. The days of the $200,000 solution are gone. There’s a right fit for everyone’s budget.

Some customers want to reclaim their office space by eliminating file cabinets and record rooms. Some customers want to process bills as quickly as possible, and reduce their DSO so they can get paid as quickly as possible. Whatever your motivation, the Image Solutions team can provide you with comprehensive Capture & Distribution solutions to maximize efficiencies in your business.

By integrating our imaging products and software applications, Image Solutions can deliver business-specific solutions for reprographic capture and electronic document distribution to increase business productivity.  Our range of printers, scanners, fax and copiers, as well as multifunctional products are customized with relevant imaging and document management utility software and network communications to transform a paper-intensive organization into a secure and efficient digital workflow and archiving environment.

Our solutions apply to a wide variety of document imaging service requirements. Our flexible, scalable document capture and distribution software solutions are customized to each and every customer to ensure that their needs are met. Your organization deserves to partner with a document capture solution provider that would be able to keep up with its challenging and growing needs.

Seamless Integration

Image Solutions supplies a rich variety of software applications that are designed to facilitate workflow, improve efficiencies, and improve security and management of documentation and data. Solutions also include web services, and SAAS (Software as a Service) which allow multi-location collaborative productivity.

Image Solutions can integrate affordable frontline network technology with workflow communication utility software,  providing organizations of all sizes with turn-key solutions to benefit from flexible access to data, documentation and applications with seamless and secure network connectivity.

Big Picture Solutions

No solution is complete without the right support in place. Even the best software needs a strong network and hardware fleet. This is where Image Solutions sets itself apart with our wide variety of services and solutions. Our productivity solutions integrate seamlessly with our other services, including:

Staff Training

Change doesn’t have to be hard. We understand that the most critical part of transitioning to new and improved systems is the adjustments your staff must make. Without proper training, employees won’t be able to use new systems and solutions as efficiently as they could. We want your staff to be in a position to take advantage of our productivity solutions as much as possible to improve your organization’s workflow.

Image Solutions is available not only to support organizations and manage their IT service delivery, but also provide staff training on any IT systems and software Image Solutions may implement. We can also provide training on a whole array of document management software the business may have implemented.

Image Solutions is dedicated to getting the most out of your printer fleet. We want to provide you with an efficient digital workflow environment.

Please contact us to see what productivity software is right for you.