Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We'll help you plan for the worst

As businesses become increasingly driven by IT operations, there has never been such a need to establish a disaster recovery program to support any eventuality of output failure. At Image Solutions, we have both the resources and know-how to supply and support a disaster recovery management infrastructure, from backup storage devices to management software solutions and network architecture.

Whether yours is a small-office business or a multi-location enterprise with a data center and remote networking, Image Solutions can offer different scales of data backup devices and facilities from high-end manufacturers at the forefront of disaster recovery technology.

Backup Services: Data Safety is Paramount

Onsite Backup – Data storage servers are acclaimed from our partner manufacturers, and allow Image Solutions to offer a range of appliances to serve different scales of requirements. From ‘budget capacity’ storage to industrial scale storage capacity, backup servers enable affordable yet high-efficiently data backup, including automatic backup scheduling. Our backup servers are easy to install into a local data center for fast and accessible storage and restoration.

Offsite Backup – Flexible hardware and cloud-based solutions enable Image Solutions to provide a number of choices for offsite data backup. Dedicated data backup servers can be acquired and located offsite, or cloud storage can be invested in with seamless failover management in mind. Offsite backup storage is managed easily using a web-based server administration interface, where resources such as data capacity, applications and networking facilities can be controlled remotely, and deployed within minutes.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions can be packaged as a multi-faceted, single-source service and supply, which can include some of the following:

Data Backup Devices – we provide micro-scale data storage devices, such as mass storage portable hard drives, to synchronize data backup for personal and office computers.

Backup Storage Area Networks – for larger organizations, we can enhance your data center with backup data storage servers to support any failover of operational servers. Backup SANs are particularly useful where an organization is connected by a network of remote servers, either all in different locations or concentrated in a head-office data center. Image Solutions will install and configure regularized data backup automation and connectivity for operational transfer in the event of failover, so that business can continue with minimal disruption.

Virtualization Support – Image Solutions recognizes the benefit of virtual solutions for disaster recovery management, and will support such facilities as VPN, web-based data storage and backup, and virtual machines to continue running business smoothly through remote services.

Security Solutions – not only do we support existing security and enhance with more robust facilities, but we can integrate our solutions into your disaster recovery program to implement focused data security measures in the event of IT infrastructure failover.

With our onsite and offsite supply and support, Image Solutions is able to provide our Pros Elite 100 award winning local, personalized service of Disaster Recovery solutions to our customers.

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