Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals have a unique set of needs when it comes to their data. They need an efficient flow of information within their network, but they also need to ensure that they implement data security best practices to protect their patients’ data and remain in regulatory compliance. Image Solutions specializes in providing hospitals with solutions that excel in both efficiency and data security.

Data Security

One of the greatest technological challenges that hospitals face is securely storing their patients’ data. Medical records are a highly lucrative source of data for hackers to target. According to McAfee Labs, the last year saw a 211% increase in disclosed security incidents in healthcare. With malware and ransomware becoming increasingly advanced, you need an advanced data security solution to stay ahead of the game.

By using Image Solutions, your data security is implemented with future proof considerations as technology evolves and protection mechanisms become redundant. This means we will work with you in the long term to provide upgrades and enhance your security with your changing requirements. We provide a comprehensive data security solution from out of box security solutions to large scale, organization-wide networked security infrastructure.

Our technical security experts will assist you with your requirements, understanding your current IT infrastructure and security in place, and customize a packaged solution that allows you to protect, monitor and manage your data on computers, local and remote servers and in sharing within organizational networks. We will assist with all installation and configuration to enable you to feel confident that your business is securely set up by experienced professionals.

Productivity Solutions

A paper-intensive organization like a hospital faces great challenges in managing and organizing its vast scope of forms. By using Image Solutions’ productivity solutions such as Capture & Distribution, hospitals can convert their paper forms to electronic records easier than ever before.

Image Solutions can deliver comprehensive solutions for electronic document distribution to increase productivity. We provide relevant imaging and document management utility software and network communications to transform a hospital into a secure and efficient digital workflow and archiving environment. Our software includes Intelligent Character Recognition to be able to read printed text and handwriting alike. It also includes custom form support so it doesn’t just read the text, it knows what each part means and how to pull data from it.

Our flexible, scalable document capture and distribution software solutions are customized to each and every customer to ensure that their needs are met. Your organization deserves to partner with a document capture solution provider that is able to keep up with the challenging needs of the healthcare industry. Click here to learn more about our productivity solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

We can assist hospitals and healthcare centers to optimize their operational and administrative environments to be HIPAA compliant for secure patient data and billing management. Solutions are customized to individual requirements, and can range from information management systems and data archiving to data communication systems. Our solutions ensure maximum information security and we offer staff training and on-call support beyond implementation.

Please contact us to discuss how Image Solutions can provide a secure, efficient digital workflow environment.