Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services

Documents: The Lifeblood Of Your Organization

Image Solutions specialize in providing a rich variety of document management solutions tailored to individual business requirements and workflow demands.

Whether your business has existing multifunctional document imaging products, or would benefit from upgrading your office document management equipment, our range of popular and productive document management utility software solutions are designed to be brand agnostic.

Our Document Management solutions address all the key aspects that contribute to optimized efficiency, productivity and document integrity.

Print Management

With Image Solutions, printing is made more efficient and secure, not only by maximizing the functionality of our range of multifunctional printers, but optimizing printer utilization by incorporating specialist print management software products. Our solutions include custom configuration of the software to complement specific business operations; and not only act as smart utilities to reduce costs of printing, but allow fast, flexible, and remote printing to accommodate intensive office environments.

Workflow Management

Image Solutions assists organizations to improve their workflow with intelligent software solutions that allow for efficient digital document control, file management and communication within a workflow environment. Intelligent and easy to use version control facilities in our solutions allow collaborative work to be controlled and more productive.

Many businesses struggle with using a variety of software applications that perform different functions but aren’t natively compatible with each other. Instead of scanning an invoice, for example, manually moving it to the correct folder, and manually entering the information into your system, wouldn’t it save so much time if your computer simply knew what to do with a scanned invoice? Our intelligent software solutions create seamless system integration between different applications to automatically send documents where they need to go to speed up workflow.

Electronic Filing and Archiving

Storing massive amounts of paper documents is a massive burden for organizations. Keeping paper documents on-site means that you’re losing valuable office space to filing cabinets and record rooms. Storing these documents off-site means paying fees to record storage companies, increasing your cost of doing business. Image Solutions’ Electronic Filing and Archiving solutions can help you reclaim your office and save money.

From paper to electronic documents, Image Solutions delivers sophisticated solutions to simplify and secure files, particularly for large organizations that must manage large volumes of sensitive documents. Image Solutions helps to implement access controlled, easy to manage electronic document filing and archiving systems that can utilize existing storage infrastructure. Our solutions include dynamic and customizable information security measures, yet also enable highly efficient document retrieval.

Document Imaging and Communication

Whether with existing document imaging equipment or supplied by Image Solutions, our document imaging solutions incorporate security and communication of document reproduction. Our software solutions work seamlessly with our MFPs and standalone fax, copy and scanning products to optimize their functionality, particularly integrating with email and fax communications. The software is easily customized and can further enhance the security of scanned documents by protecting access, filing and communication.

Image Solutions offers its award-winning services in the area of Managed Document Services to provide you with sophisticated document software solutions.

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