Network Storage

Network Storage

Simplifying data management

We understand that company data is crucial to a business’ functions. That’s why it’s important to be strategic about the way company data is stored. Image Solutions partners with technology leaders in networking and virtualization to provide organizations with sophisticated network storage technology to cater for high demands in network activity.

Top-Level Performance and Reliability

Network storage appliances integrate network optimization with efficiencies, load distribution, backup with network failover management and network security to ensure optimum network performance and service reliability. The network storage servers are otherwise known as Network Storage Areas (or Storage Area Networks – SANs), and provide scalable backup of applications and data.

Our Network Services Team is always available remotely, via phone, or in-person to ensure business can remain operational and productive. Image Solutions will also conduct testing upon implementation to ensure the highest performance from the very beginning.

Scalable Solutions

With our scalable SAN products, Image Solutions can equip any size of organization with affordable network storage. Image Solutions offers Load Balancers and Link Balancers by our elite manufacturers as part of the network storage product range.

Load Balancers – The Load Balancer from Image Solutions is designed to distribute and balance network traffic to multiple storage servers. Load Balancers allow for a greater number of users and improved application reliability. They allow monitoring and management of data transfer and application activity.

Most crucially, the Load Balancer consists of comprehensive, automatic failover capabilities for any event of server failure. The Load Balancer in itself supports Auto-Discovery of new servers and hosted applications, and thus allows new servers to be deployed quickly. Two Load Balancers can be employed for optimized service reliability and backup.

Link Balancers – The Link Balancer from Image Solutions is a standalone appliance complementing the features of a Load Balancer to enable high-efficiency and secure network traffic routing across multiple Internet connections. With bandwidth management capabilities, it balances incoming and outgoing network traffic across multiple internet links.

The Link Balancer has a key feature of scalability, allowing for high bandwidth requirements and enabling business continuity. Like the load balancer, the link balancer also has automatic failover capabilities in the event of a link failure, and ensures that the network is always connected to the Internet for maximum productivity. The appliance also has built in firewalls, and can provide site-to-site VPN services to connect multiple office locations.

Both the Load Balancer and the Link Balancer are available from Image Solutions in a number of different models for different scales of network storage requirements. Other SAN products are available from our various partners, offering choice and flexibility to suit particularly networking requirements.

Please contact us for more information on which is most suitable for your business.