Star2Star Customer Phone System Survey

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Star2Star Customer Phone System Survey

    The Star2Star Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a complex addition to the customer local network infrastructure at each installed location. Gathering this information is a critical part of the installation.

    In order to ensure that the customer installation is completed properly, the following questions need to be answered prior to the Star2Star system design and installation. Any concerns should be addressed as quickly as possible to the make sure that the installation is performed correctly. Please note that failure to provide complete and accurate answers to all the questions could result in additional costs to the customer for the installation.

    General Installation Location

    Where will the StarBox be installed?

    Note: If multiple locations have been indicated, a stie survey will be required for each site to ensure proper installation.

    Customer Business Contact Information (2 Required)

    Customer Business Contact / Installation Coordinator Information

    Customer Secondary Contact Information

    Company MIS/IT/Network Contact

    Who will be responsible for the Customer's IT/Network requirements at the customer site? (Fill in completely)

    Receptionist or Automated Attendant

    ReceptionistAutomated Attendant

    If a main line goes to an Automated Attendant, complete the following:


    Auto Attendants & Menus

    Extension & Dialing Plans




    Ring Groups


    Queues (Hunting)


    Recordings (Directions, Location Info, Non-Auto Attendant)

    Conference Rooms (Individual)



    Paging Requirements

    Note: Customers may have existing overhead paging


    Note: Customers may have existing internal Paging Groups (Page groups work on a per site basis)


    Voicemail & Voicemail Groups

    Each Voice Message received can be sent via Email to each user. We need information about your current email services.




    Extensions, Employee Names, & Phone Models

    NOTE: Each phone carries a primary user extension

    Find-Me/Follow-Me (Call routing rules)

    Find-Me / Follow-Me rules enables a call to be sent a single or multiple locations along with or after the initial call with the following options:

    • Follow Me (Immediate) – Calls to your extension will be sent automatically to the number you define.
    • Find Me (Sequential) – Calls to your extension will ring your extension and any other numbers that you define in order.
    • Find Me (All) – Calls to your extension will ring your extension and any other numbers that you define all at once.

    Remote E911 Location Information (Critical)

    Any phone not located at the location of the StarBox must be registered by law for E911 services.

    StarFax Users (If Ordered)

    Star2Star Application Framework (If Ordered)

    StarCenter (ACD) (optional purchase)

    Call Detail Records (CDR)

    Star2Star offers the option to view and download the Call Detail Records of their phone system.

    Please list the customer contacts that would like to have access to this information

    Disaster Failover Contact Number

    LandlineCell phone

    Porting - Area Codes & Existing Phone Lines (Port or Cancel)