Network Design & Implementation

Network Design & Implementation

Networks: A key part of any business

Image Solutions is able to provide, implement and support your business network infrastructure, from server requirements to security and remote VPN facilities, ensuring your networking requirements are met and maintained with constant on-call support without compromising productivity.

We also offer extensive experience and expert knowledge to plan and implement the entire IT infrastructure for an organization, from computing and imaging systems to servers, networks and security. We can plan and provide hardware and software to help you seamlessly upgrade and integrate with your current infrastructure.

Virtual Servers: Get more from your hardware

With virtual servers, you can run more than one server on the same piece of hardware and manage multiple servers from a central location. They also allow for:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower space usage
  • Easier backup & recovery
  • Separation of server roles to reduce possible downtime

Our experienced staff can assess your current situation and create a virtualization solution to fit your needs, taking into account your organization’s size, storage needs, and application needs.

Network Management: Let us handle it

Creating a physical network is only part of what we do. Network management includes analyzing and optimizing your data throughout needs. Providing sufficient internal and external bandwidth to the right devices at the right time is critical to achieving optimum IT services for you and your staff.

Wireless Networking: Be free to move around

These days, a strong wireless network isn’t just important, it’s expected. Employees and customers should have connectivity throughout your business. The wireless networking solutions we offer are:

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Efficient
  • Performance-oriented

By considering your organization’s number of users, primary network uses, and office layout, Image Solutions can provide the right wireless environment for you and take the headaches away from your in-house IT staff.

Please contact us to discuss your networking needs.