Wide Format Printers

Wide Format Printers

No Size Restrictions

Among Image Solutions’ full spectrum of conventional, multifunctional printers and copier systems, we provide the sale and rental of Wide Format printer copiers for high-quality digital color reproduction of drawings and graphical arts such as banners.

As a Pro Elite 100 awarded company, Image Solutions is a rare source of choice for high-end reprographics of Wide Format systems from any of a number of elite brand name manufacturers.

High-Quality Products

Our range of Wide Format printers all have in common a superior, high-resolution, high fidelity standard of quality which preserves the definition and color of traditional art, photography and digital graphical art on any time of compatible surface. Wide Format printers and copiers from our manufacturers can take and accurately reproduce:

  • Original drawings
  • Bluelines
  • Sepias
  • Diazo prints

Our Wide Format printers and copiers work on surfaces such as plain paper, vellum, polyester film, or tracing paper.

From single copies to mass reproduction of banners, Image Solutions Wide Format products can range from dedicated Wide Format copiers to multifunctional printers to keep costs to a minimum and specific to business needs.

With our understanding of assessing printing needs of the business, we will not only assist you impartially to select the most appropriate Wide Format system or fleet for your organization, but we will also supply all forms of specialized consumables which can be challenging to source for Wide Format.

Specialized Solutions

Our team of highly trained technicians will provide onsite installation, testing and configuration to alleviate the cost of business resources to set up, but can also provide full equipment training to organization staff on how to use and maintain the system.

Image Solutions’ 24/7 onsite and offsite support adds a continuous reassurance to for our customers, making Image Solutions the ideal dealer and service provider both locally and regionally.

Image Solutions provides high-quality Wide Format printers that meet your reprographics needs and fit your budget, supplemented by 24/7 support to keep you running.

For information on our range of Wide Format printers from elite manufacturers, please contact us.