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As mobile technology advances, so do advances in mobile security. Part of this is to streamline the process of backing up data in order to make it more efficient, but mainly it is to keep up with all the new risks out there. Yes, stolen mobile phones and tablet devices are big business to criminals and can net quite a bit of cash on the black market. Not only that, but the same dubious entities that released malware for PC computers are now focusing most of their attention on mobile platforms like Google’s Android.

While reputable mobile retailers offer security plans in Asheville for their products, now more than ever mobile users need to use other means to ensure their smartphone or tablet is safe and secure. And the best way to do this is through mobile-based security apps. Here are some great free options for both iOS and Android.

Webroot SecureAnywhere

This app offers comprehensive antivirus and loss protection for both Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads. On the antivirus side, SecureAnywhere protects mobile devices from viruses, Trojans, spyware and malware. It also scans all files for bugs and offers security shields and alerts that signal when said device is vulnerable to attack. For theft, the app offers remote access as well as complete locks for the device and SIM card as well as a device wipe and device locator.


This is another popular option as evidenced by the rave reviews and awards it has been racking up since its release. That’s because Avast! doesn’t leave anything to chance. This app offers a full range of features, from antivirus protection for iOS and Android devices to web shields that warn of any URLs infected with malware. The app also includes text and call filters as well as well as firewalls designed to block hackers. Users can also track not just their stolen devices but network data and Wi-Fi usage as well.


Lookout offers many of the same security features as the above options, such as data scans and antivirus locks. However, the version for both iPhone and Android contains comprehensive antitheft features like a locator that displays the position of the device in question on a Google map. Not only that, but users can activate a loud alarm via the app – even if the smartphone or tablet is set to silent.


This is a good option for those who conduct a lot of business via their handhelds. People who install this app will have secure mobile access to their files as well as many uploading and editing capabilities. This app offers piece of mind to those who want to work on enterprise content while on the go. It also offers secure browsing and file sharing, collaboration and editing via Quick office.

These are some good free security options that have earned rave reviews this year. And while there will certainly be new, quality security apps released in the near future, the ones listed above enjoy enough of a solid reputation that they should offer near full-proof protection for some time to come.

Sara Wells is a tech writer and blogger. He writes on behalf of leading brands such as Identity Theft Protection from Protect Your Bubble

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