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Those businesses that emerge from the global recession will likely be thinking about how to gain a competitive edge in their particular field. One of the best ways for any organization to gain such an advantage is through efficiency. And in the modern world, efficiency in a company’s IT infrastructure is of paramount importance.

Downtime can cost an organization thousands of dollars per minute. On top of that, clients and customers alike need piece of mind that network emergencies will be remedied swiftly and aggressively by IT support staff. But even a crack data center manager or operator can’t monitor the servers, HCAC system and batteries 24 hours a day. This is where remote network monitoring and management comes into play.

Those who implement remote monitoring software in their data center are getting more than a backup plan; they are getting 24/7 proactive systems management and performance. And remote monitoring software covers nearly all aspects of a data center, including:

  • Servers
  • Application backups
  • Disk space alerts
  • Virus scanning
  • Email

The specific benefits regarding the remote monitoring of these systems are many.

Reduced Downtime

As mentioned above, downtime can cost a business or company more than just exorbitant amounts of money; it can also cost them their reputation. Remote monitoring provides automatic alerts the moment a problem is detected in the system. This allows the IT department to nip the issue in the bud before it has a chance to become critical. And because this monitoring occurs 24 hours a day, any issues should be able to be resolved without delay, no matter the time.

Improved network performance

By the time a customer or client realizes a problem, it is usually too late. The damage has been done and more than likely the aggrieved party is actively considering taking their business elsewhere. Remote monitoring ensures that any problems that do arise can be addressed long before the client or customer knows about it. And in a world where consistent service is key to the overall success of an organization, remote monitoring ensures that this service is never interrupted.

Inventory management

It’s also important to ensure the trains run on time, as efficiency is crucial to success as well. To this end, it’s crucial for an organization keeps proper track of their assets and inventory. Those businesses that take advantage of an asset management program offered by remote networking will gain total control of their software and hardware inventory. A program such as this allows businesses to track and manage specific pieces of inventory in order to ensure nothing gets stolen or goes missing. One other benefit to remote networking inventory management is that it ensures system deployments and upgrades go smoothly.

No business owner anticipates a down network. And neither do many businesses want to splurge on extra software. But remote networking is one of the most cost-efficient ways to ensure IT infrastructure is secure and operating at peak performance. To put it in perspective, recent statistics by the Ponemon Institute show that the average cost of a down network to a business is about $5,600 per minute.

Those owners with an interest in keeping that money in their pockets should consider remote networking. Image Solutions can help you implement technology solutions in Asheville.

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