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The Types Of Computer Firewall

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No one can ignore the importance of a computer firewall. A firewall is required for the protection of your computer and network system against harmful attacks. It protects your computer from the threats that the Internet is capable of making and does not let anyone intrude into your confidential data, keeping the security of your system intact.

IT Service in AshevilleThere are many types of firewalls that are available these days. Most of the firewalls are quite affordable and many of them are even free for downloading. There are basically two major types of firewalls:

  1. Firewall Software. You see many companies offering IT service in Asheville that provide the services of development, installation, and maintenance of software. These companies that provide IT service in Asheville also provide the same services for the firewall software. This software is responsible for supervising and scanning the Internet traffic that enters and exits a network or computer system. It obstructs any harmful content that is making its way into your system. Mostly it informs you in such cases by pop-ups on the computer screen.
  2. Firewall Hardware. It is usually a component in home computer routers. It is a built-in system installed by the company. It is installed to prevent any illegal access by an interloper. A hardware firewall gives the liberty to users of customizing the settings of the firewall. The user can block any specific component by changing the settings.


Both types of firewalls are built for the same purpose – for the protection of your data. So, it completely boils down to your choice of which kind of firewall you choose. Basically the protection of data is necessary in either way you choose. You can go for the software constructed by some company of IT service in Asheville or you can go for the hardware firewall, it’s your choice.

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