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Computer repairs don’t need to be costly and technical support in Asheville doesn’t need to be a frustrating experience either! But why is it that people still can’t find a good, reliable place to get their computers fixed? Well folks living in Asheville, NC to Greenville, SC don’t need to worry anymore, because we are here to help!

There are two things about Image Solution’s computer repair service that you will hardly find anywhere else:

  • No hidden costs
  • On time delivery

It doesn’t matter how many computers you want us to fix, we will give you a deadline ad then stay with it! And don’t worry no job is too big for us. Technicians at Image Solutions have the necessary know-how to supply any amount of onsite software or hardware installation in Asheville NC as well as Greenville SC.

Image Solutions Can Help

Whether you need enhanced security features on your business computers or a thorough run down with our trademark maintenance services, we can do it all. Image Solutions can provide preventive and on going maintenance for Windows 2000/XP and Vista computers as well as a total cleanup of slow PC’s.

If you have small office network and you’d like complete trouble shooting services then we are your best bet. Our expert technicians will make sure that the disruptions stay at a minimum and your PC’s achieve their optimal working settings in no time.

Other services include:

  • Virus, Spyware and Malware Scanning and Removal
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Memory and Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Repairs/Replacement Parts
  • Wireless Support
  • On-Site Business & Residential Networking

And We Speak English!

No Geek-Speak When You Hire Image Solutions!

We also specialize in providing installation and setup for VoIP routers and phones. And if any of your employees needs special application-related computer training, then our expert trainers will be available on appointment. We design, support and maintain wireless and wired LAN/ WAN networks and provide complete network setup services.

Image Solutions is good for your business and you, because we are a one stop shop for all your computer related technical issues. We make AND we fix it. And our technicians are only a phone call away for timely assistance and IT support in Ashville, NC through to Greenville, SC.

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Image Solutions was able to provide us with a state-of-the-art digital system to produce our wide format sets in-house. I am pleased to recommend them to you ~ Richard A. Grant ~ President ~ Beverly-Grant, Inc.