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Many businesses work with a significant amount of sensitive documents that contain very private information: either about the company or its clients. At Image Solutions, we are aware of the importance in filing and archiving these documents in a secure and manageable manner. Our IT service in Asheville offers electronic and filing solutions, such as Infodynamics Intact Smart and Doculex, to provide our clients with highly efficient document retrieval and information security.

IT service in AshevilleWhat Infodynamics Intact Smart has to Offer

  1. Safely stores millions of important documents.
  2. Highly efficient, easy-to-use document management solution.
  3. Out of the office? Review important documents from your mobile device.
  4. Approved users can access documents from any connected computer, knowing that the security measures are still intact.
  5. Create expiration dates for multiple document types, update documents with searchable notes, create bar-coded coversheets or labels for faster scanning.

Connecting Employees in Different Locations

Doculex’s Archive Studio is a type of document management that allows content to be easily managed and shared by workers, regardless of their different office locations. This greatly reduces the cost associated with paperwork, saving your time and money. This solution also features content control, Email archiving, workflow productivity, image and electronic file capture and much more.

Your business can have Better Electronic Filings

These solutions are just a few of the resources that our IT service in Asheville can use to help your business simplify and secure files. Paper and electronic documents can become unmanageable in high volumes, and this can decrease employee productivity. Not to mention the peace of mind you will get, knowing that your most sensitive electronic documents are protected, orderly, and more easily managed by workers.

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Your service team is also tops. They are always very responsive. When I call for supplies, I get them the next day. ~ Lyndel Davenport ~ Chamberlain Access Solutions