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If your law firm is working without document management software you could be missing out on useful organizational and security features that will keep staff accountable, create a more positive workflow, and keep document versions in play and consistent across the editing spectrum.

Sure, your trusted G:\ Drive and word processor products offer plenty of storage to keep you going. But that’s just it—word processing and storage are all those platforms can handle. And as long as you’re not still using pen and paper and filing cabinets for your editing and workflow, you likely already have the technology needed to upgrade to a dedicated document management system and take your firm’s functionality to the next level:

1. Workflow Continuity and Document Tracking
Document management software provides the storage your firm is used to with the organizational tools that make running a law firm more efficient and productive. A good document management program will help your firm get a handle on inefficient workflow and provide document tracking, annotation, secure file sharing, and search and retrieve functionality, not to mention the peace of mind in knowing that important documents are kept where they belong: with their case file, in the current version, easily tracked and logged with a document tracking feature so you always know who touched a document last, where it’s been, and where it’s going.

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2. Case-Centric Management
One of the many benefits of a dedicated document management system is the ability to keep all documents related to a matter in one centralized location that is accessible from multiple approved devices. Without an efficient document management system, it’s almost impossible to keep all material related to a specific case easily accessible and organized. Many firms operating without a dedicated management system find that documents for a particular case are easily strewn throughout multiple locations and platforms during the case building process: attachments in email, DropBox, MS Word, and the G:\ Drive, to name a few.
Implementing a dedicated document management system will help your firm organize and safeguard all of the documents related to a specific case in one centralized location.

3. Version Control and Editing
During the editing process, you never know for certain you are working on the latest version unless you have a time stamp or some other proof of workflow. Without a document management system in place, lawyers and their clerks easily get their lines crossed when trying to share edits and keep up with the latest rendition of a document. Document management offers a way to keep track of the latest edits and the most current version of your important case files, so you aren’t wasting time duplicating work efforts.

Give your firm’s productivity, accountability, and security a boost with a dedicated document management solution tailored to your individual business and workflow needs. If your firm needs help to taking its current technology to the next level, contact the document management company in Asheville to get started.

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